Think All Children’s Vitamins are created equal? Think Again.

Shaklee Incredivites

Guest Post by Amanda Aymar

In November of last year,  we were invited to do a Workshop at the East Orange Public library by Nassan’s Place a non profit organization that supports parents of children with Autism.

A Nurse who was in the library attended the workshop out of curiosity…..  At the end of the workshop she asked what we would recommend for her 10 years old daughter that suffered form epileptic episodes and was medicated for them. I suggested Incredivites and suggested that in many cases extra B complex had worked in cases of Epilepsy because medications increased the gap in B Vitamins.

We sent her information, and she eventually purchased both products.   In my follow up, she told me her daughter did not want to take the vitamins….or the B complex, and she had decided to use the B complex herself.  Upon further follow up, she told me was seeing some results with the B complex and felt less stressed especially on her long shifts at work.

Yesterday, she called me to say that she wanted to re order because her daughter had started using the Incredivites and she had noticed that there had not been any epileptic episodes in over 3 weeks!!  She also wanted to know what multivitamin she could give her 14 year old son…. and what multivitamin she could take herself.  Additionally she asked about minerals, magnesium specifically and I recommended our VitalMag ( which she was pleased to know is only $ 10).

I suggested she try to add extra B complex for her daughter because that will help her repair her lack of this important nutrient.  I also suggested she may want to look into adding a protein into their routine, a smoothee that the 3 of them can start the day with.

She is grateful for our information, and follow up.  She is already sharing her results with other moms at work and mentioned a mom with a 9 year old who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia….  She is a NURSE she knows the drill….and it is a pleasure sharing our information with her, because she reads it and knows it to be valuable.