Hi, I’m Vanessa Parsons. I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor, but I like to call myself, a Shaklee Business + Product Specialist (it sounds fancier).  Shaklee has given me the life of my dreams. Better health for me, my family, and my friends, and financial health for my family and for those who also want the same. Through Shaklee I have learned about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. It is that information I want to share with you.

Plus when I share information about the Shaklee products, you can know that unlike any other health and wellness company, they back up all their “claims” with actual research- on their products.  Many of their studies are published in  respected peer review journals, such as JAMA.

I’m thankful that I wake up every morning with purpose and can feel good about helping change people’s lives. What an amazing feeling. If you are looking for a better life, Shaklee may be a good fit for you too! I may not know you yet, but I’m already looking forward to working along side you.

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